Loris Lejean :


Fascinated by nature and history, I spent most of my youth walking around all forests I found nearby, exploring its mysteries and wonders.

After obtaining my degree in Forest Management, I became sure I want to live in the wild. But despite my forest knowledge, my knowledge of the fauna and flora, despite my numerous experiences of survival, something was missing.

Who are we ? Here is Loris…

“Being a guide is able to share with passion what life has given us to learn its lesson, it is to make new friends on every trip made. It is the responsibility to offer them the best experience of their lives. “

I understood the opportunity that was given me, while discovering Romania with Oana, enjoying its beauty and authenticity. I will share to all those who wish to see my way of travelling, a moment of exceptional quality and rich experience.




Oana Stanica :


Fascinated by adventure books of Jules Verne, I read the expeditions of the great explorers of this world. During my childhood, I dreamed of exploring unknown territories and even while a child, limited by age and places, I did my best to explore. I discovered Romania through my weekend travels and also during my holidays, with foreign friends for whom I had organized the trip, or my own friends, with whom I shared great joys and adventures. I discover every moment the charm of this land, which will take a lifetime to reveal its secrets and history.

Oana Stanicaen
Who are we ? Here is Oana…

“Travel is one of the best means of education, to discover the world, to connect you to people and know thyself.”

Through the trips with my life companion, Loris, we discovered the country of our dreams. I would like to share with you these wonders. Whether you are passionate about history, castles, you are in search of authentic dwellings, interested in cooking and cultural events, or moved by adventure and exploration of beautiful scenery, Romania is the country you need: Safe, green, tasty, friendly, never the same wherever you go, revealing its amazing beauty to the eye of the ones who know how to look at places and people, this is a must seen land in a lifetime.