Yuki Restaurant

yuki restaurant

Yuki restaurant is the best in Bucharest regarding traditional Japanese cuisine.

Yuki is far from the metro, but everything is relative, isn’t it?  In order to get there, I got out at  Aviatorilor station then I walked 10 minutes on Calea Dorobantilor.

If you want to go by bus, use the lines: 131, 301, 330, 331, 335.

From the arrival, the restaurant shows itself as remarkable and immerses you in the ambiance that suits the place so well, a real manga !!

Indeed, from the outside of Yuki restaurant, you meet a restaurant furnished with dark wooden beams, a small covered terrace with wooden flooring, a simple bench, lantern and floating cloth, being the flag of the house Yuki. A strange atmosphere reigns here, ghostly I may say, where only the wind strikes cover the silence. The air is cooler and face with warm colors that projects the display of the sign, only one path open to us, we enter and warm ourselves…

… Because you are welcomed here with warmth. At the entrance, the waitresses are welcoming you chanting, I guess, « good evening » in Japanese. They take your jackets, take you to your table, take care of your belongings. Imagine that everything works differently in this place: the dishes, how to eat and the waitresses are there to support you, explain and guide you. They are in traditional dresses, a kimono. I must conclude, the service is excellent.

The decoration of Yuki restaurant is simply magical. There are so many details, so much refinement… Japanese culture comes directly to you, it overflows you and all your senses awaken. The furniture and premises are mainly in wood, the colors are vibrant, varying with dark and soothing colors. A multitude of tools cover the table: foolscaps, cups, bowls, chopsticks … The restaurant is small, but can accommodate large groups as well as smaller ones. The kitchen is open, with high chairs to see the artists work with passion.

 The food, as I have said earlier, has a different way of being served. It consists of a set of delicacies accompanying the main course. They are adaptable, vary each week, are simple and extremely tasty!  For this evening, I had Miso shiru (traditional soup), Asa-zuke (small salad cooked with steam), a very good tofu mixture and Kimpira (a salad of roots, embellished with spices). The main course; squid. Skilled with the chopsticks, I enjoyed every bit and the experience will forever remain in my memory.

This is an address for tasty food, quality service and exotic style lovers. I recommend it for the calm people, for couples and friends. This is a real treat and search no longer when you have a special occasion, you want to have a quiet evening with your friends in an exquisite atmosphere, or you would like to enjoy a silent family dinner.

Address: 5, Strada Putul lui Zamfir, Sector 1, Bucharest.
tel: 0761341667
Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 12-15h, 18-22h
Sunday: 13-22h30
Price: 170 lei / 2 persons (full meal)

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