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On the occasion of my mother’s arrival, my trainer of Pencak Silat, Catalin, invited me to discover his Villa Surya. Hidden in the middle of Prahova Valley in Busteni, it is a place reserved only for groups whose quality and service are perfect!

Catalin is a very nice person speaking also French. He takes very good care of his « guests », he gives them his attention, as he would do with his own friends. Having interviewed him, I want to share you a bit of his inspiring story, which I admire …

Your host:

… Suffering from major back pain during adolescence, Catalin and his doctors found neither causes nor cures except the operation. But, if I may say, the destiny introduced him to an Indonesian. The latter, aware of its problems, advised him to go see a doctor in Indonesia that would help. He decided to go there, considering this as the only chance to one day cure this « curse ». He will join a school of Silat in Bogor and find the doctor, Guru Gunawan Rahardja, who practice a form of martial art turned towards traditional medicine.

After a strong massage of secret technique, Catalin healed almost completely. He will then follow a training based on roulade and a special diet.

Many years later, Catalin is made full teacher of Pencak Silat White Crane.

He will enter in the French Foreign Legion to fulfil his dream, but after six months, he will leave to return to his father, who was suffering.

He takes the Villa, a family business, which he still manages today. All decorations have been brought from Indonesia, Catalin being proud to share a great part of his life. In addition, he teaches Pencak Silat in Bucharest.


This is a very big chance to be able to sleep at Villa Surya, when you see the beautiful view it offers on the Bucegi Mountains. Thus you can finish your day, leaning comfortably on the terrace, good steaming tea in your hand and the sun caressing the mountains with his shimmering rays.

‘So my mother was thrilled, having rarely tasted such a comfort and such a sense of freedom that can afford the trip and the best addresses, a lifestyle that Catalin offered us this evening.

The location of Villa Surya:

Prahova Valley is a department that includes a narrow passage through the Carpathians, the busiest in Romania. Why? Because it is the closest to Bucharest (1h15 to reach it) and it hides many places, such as natural and historic, that we must see. I think for example the beautiful and famous Peles castles, Cantacuzino, or the cable car that leads to the fairyland, the Bucegi Mountains.

And this is where the advantage of Villa Surya lies, to offer an almost direct access to all these wonderful places, maximum 15 min.

Through the many tourist locations, you will have to zigzag on small unpaved lanes to arrive at the Villa. If you have no GPS support, you will arrange with Catalin, who will guide you from the center of Sinaia, not too complicated.

You cannot miss the building as its name is marked on its front. From there, you meet someone from the Villa, they will open the gate and you park in a small well-designed parking. The problems are parked at the gate; it remains only you, Villa and the mountains!

Villa Surya is composed of a single building surrounded by a small, simple and well maintained garden. The view is perfect once in the house, since elevated, the building in front of it does not block the view.

This is a very modern building with unusual and completely new forms. The balcony is very spacious and opens on one part to the mountains.

The living room of Villa Surya:

The entrance opens onto a large bright living room. But before you start, it is appropriate to put on sandals, a way to show you that you are at home, at ease.

The living room opens onto the fireplace and allows you to sit quietly in the good leather sofas. You will remark directly, Indonesia is omnipresent by a multitude of decorative elements; paintings, statues, masks and embroidery. Without being too pronounced, this style adds a signature to the passion Catalin gives to this country, and it suits him perfectly.

The kitchen of Villa Surya:

Villa Surya does not offer catering, but I never said it is forbidden, on the contrary. A beautiful kitchen is available where all possible equipment is present, to fill your every desire. A room like a real safe, has four large refrigerators. On the terrace, a barbecue is available for summer barbecues that are going very well.

The Games Room of Villa Surya:

From the ground floor, you can go down to the cellar which was completely refurbished for indoor fun. With an American bar where you drink, you can indulge in games of billiards, table football or table tennis. This is a great place to relax and my mother and I could have spent the evening playing if we had not been tired. In addition to this, there are also excellent training apparatus and a sauna.

The rooms of Villa Surya:

Eight in number, they are spread on the 1st and 2nd floor and some offer a magnificent view of the mountains.

Villa Surya offers spacious, comfortable rooms and always decorated with the memories that Catalin brought from Indonesia. Each room has a name; Nakula, Bima, names inspired from Bali.

Note that the beds are very very cosy, wide and fresh; it is one of the most relaxing nights that I could spend in Romania. Naturally, flat-screens are available. Finally, bathrooms vary in size and some are with showers, others with bathtubs (very large).

Activities of Villa Surya:

Catalin is the best person you might expect for your holiday. Before coming, he will help you if you want to plan your vacation according to your wishes. He will treat you well at the Villa and if you have the desire, he will cook Indonesian for you, just tell him before;).

Certified tourist guide, he can also accompany you to the nearby tourist places. I also understood that he could show you a few moves of Silat, but beware, do not rub it in!

Contact information of Villa Surya:

Address: Strada Ana Ipatescu, nr 8B, Busteni, Judet of Prahova.

Tel: +40732408534


Price: Depending on the number of people in the group, check it on the Villa site.

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