Trip in Romania, Prahova county


My dad dropped me off on the road between Ploiesti and Brasov, near Posada, for a trip in Prahova county. Actually, I love being left like that, in the middle of nowhere, no predisposition for trekking, in the pursuit of any direction followed by intuition. The road is dangerous, no sidewalks, and cars pass at high speed. Not finding a hiking path, I decided to cut through the woods, where a river runs into the village.

The slope is steep (70 to 80%), friable soil with a lot of limestone, and very dense forest keeps me from finding my way, I only know that I must climb. I cross some old logging sites where reconstruction is done. The forest consists of beech, spruce and a few oaks or pines. They protect me from the sun’s heat. I have found a huge mushroom in the creek, unfortunately, but if I find one dry, I will take it with me, useful for lighting a fire.

Out of the forest, I have not yet reached the top, and yet the view is already beautiful, however I want to climb, not to be disturbed by trees to see beyond the body of this part of the Carpathians. I still have not found trails.

After 2 hours of climbing I can finally contemplate Secaria, a village with scattered houses. Herds of cows, horses and sheep are heard and seen. Strange to find life when we believe deviate nevertheless it does not interfere with my joy, it makes it more authentic.

I continue the ascent, always in search of the highest mountain, some here do not have their place and I leave behind oaks and beeches. I find Scots pine and European larch, stow away in their parks with artificial installation. The road is very good and practicable by off road vehicles. I could also see some trails, probably to bring food to the shepherds who live there.

I want to rest with a nice view at the edge of the forest, to supply the wood fire, and not too late (18h). I leave the road to follow the edge of a stand of larch twisted by the wind. After crossing an abandoned shepherd’s hut, I moved my camp; small tent, small fire and little food bowl. I decided after a good meal to continue my momentum leaving behind all my equipment, after all, who will be able to come steal me !! lost in this sea of ​​hills, where flowers are waving in the wind; Dame eleven hours (Ornithogalum umbellatum), Gentian spring (Gentiana verna) or Creeping Buttercup (Ranunculus repens).

I spot several paths for tomorrow morning, as I always do, we must have different choices depending on time of day, or other facts that could happen.

I go to bed with the sun, the cattle and birds. The night is very agitated, at its peak in the morning at 5am, with big storms that come close, I leave the tent because I’m too close to the trees and the risk of lightning and I return to the old shepherd’s hut to drink coffee , which ends in failure because of wet wood ..

I decide to come down, by the shorter side, a steep slope towards a small hut, hoping to find the path to the city.

Arriving at the cabin, I find cows, horses … and sheepdogs. Some rules must be respected when you stand in front of these dogs and I have learned on my own, I also give you the advice to prepare for this eventuality before you begin any trip to Romania. To add a little spice to this adventure, I tell you, put yourself in my place to soak up the action.

While the first sheepdog arrives, I do not panic, I never had a problem with dogs, on the contrary they like me in general. He barks and it is normal, he defends his flock. As I think I know, the best reaction to have in front of a dog is to show him that you are not afraid, move, scream and make movements, but without knowing the sheepdogs which are substantially insensitive to these bluff! So my dog ​​keeps his position, and worse, he continues to advance towards me with 4 or 5 other colleagues arriving by my sides. At the sight of my belief that disappears into the eyes of my opponent, I am helpless, I try to stay calm and begin to go back, and that’s a tragedy. Dogs attack me and I have no choice (I thought) but to run, throw my bag and hit like crazy over 300m wooded slope with a pack of dogs at my back. After many falls and injuries, after being completely exhausted, the dogs let me go with just my eyes to cry. I have no choice, i must go down to Sinaia to seek help.

I walk for 1.5 hours on a path that seems to be used by other adventurers (the path leading directly to the lair of dogs, these adventurers must find well disappointed and I begin to wonder if this is not a trap!: )) I finally managed to capture the attention of a municipal police patrol and somehow I explain my misadventure and I need to go back up there to look for my bag. This along with my few words of Romanians and hand gestures. One of them decided to help me and share with me in the ascent of 2h an armed baton, a tear gas and revolver. I take large stones and a stick. I am determined to face these beasts, I feel like a Cro-Magnon who goes hunting the beast that protects the fire on top of the mountain. The police officer has a good level of English and we can communicate on many topics discussed during the climb; wages, family, relationship abroad … The guy was very nice and I want to thank him in this article.

Still, when we come up after heavy efforts, we are trying to get around the place where I was attacked, for more visibility. We appear from the forest in the middle of the herd of horses that are monitored by one of the dogs. My companion has a distressed air, we have to fight. Seeing all the dogs arrive at high speed, there is no hesitation, we must fight. Helped by this giant of 2 meters which imposes, we throw stones and pushing screams. Surprised, the dogs strained under the projectiles and leave us time to call the shepherd to control the pack.

In the end, we are invited to the hut to eat cheese with sympathy. The shepherds did not touch my bag and I thank them. We go down for 2 hours, I invite the police man to eat and after a well deserved meal in a hostel, my friend dropped me at the Sinaia railway station where I took the train back to Bucharest.

Mircea Mihaescu Boenu, thank you !

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  1. Vlad

    Hi, I saw your post from Baiului trip on CS expats.
    I apologize if you already know these, but I have some advices for you : 1. Never go alone on a mountain trip ; 2. Ask before, preferably towards a local guide, about specifics of the place you intend to visit
    Otherwise, all the nice things might turn into a nightmare.
    Baiului for example is full of sheepyards and therefore, dangerous dogs.
    We are doing this trail regularly (from Predeal to Comarnic) by mountain bike and still, we take a lot of caution (the area is full of dogs, wolves, bears, wildboars).
    So, please ask somebody before you want to explore something, and get a friend with you.
    Thanks, Vlad

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