Travel into Romania, Constanta and Tulcea counties


A small trip in Southeastern Romania, into Constanta and Tulcea counties. Wonderful landscapes around Danube Delta.

I went from Braila towards Macin, and so I took the shuttle boat to cross the Danube, solution that lasts only a short time as it is well organized. Then I have seen many signs directing to old fortresses, in each village, but I have never found them. Locals said I need to access them on foot to reach the ruins.

After going through Macin, I decided to start an off-road that leads to the National Park Muntii Macinului. For this, starting from the main road, turn left, then, in front of the stone pit, you can choose between going to a monastery on the left or go to Greci (a sign indicates « Prieteni » with the Romanian flag). You are going along the mountains and you feel a bit lost, with a road that is not too good, for 7 km. Before arriving in Greci, I decided to go up to the mountains, I cross them, also crossing a eucalyptus stand. After it leads to a rather beautiful agricultural valley, and are targeting a further stone pit to reach a road to Greci. There, I go out to the southwest of the city and go towards the rocky hills near the pit. So I get a great view of the city and the surrounding landscape that I let you discover in the photos.

At night I go to sleep at « Delta Ponton. » To access it, you need to take directly to the left at the end of the main avenue of Mahmudia, opposite the hotel « My Garden ». Continue on the road long enough, over 1 km, to the end, turn left and immediately right onto a small descent. The path is quite difficult to drive, I even got stuck in the mud wanting to dodge a large stone in the middle of the road.

There are very small uncomfortable rooms in the house for guests. To list; the fact that they have not stopped talking as I were right close,  no effort to whisper in the morning I did not find the tranquillity I hoped in a natural place like this, because the up-and-coming and continuous noise (of course the pontoon was not free for us ..) You understood, this place is not recommended and appears to be a rude scam in regards to the price (34 € ). If you would like additional information (if you have not been disgusted), know that the setting is pleasant (Danube view) despite that one is in a cosy little area, it is possible to fish and may have common ground with the owner. Finally, regarding the boat ride, it is indeed a bit cheaper than the average 80lei / person / hour.

I have eaten at Mon Jardin restaurant, inside a much more luxurious hotel (€ 51 / night) but much more suitable price. The food and service are adequate. Pool and pontoon are nice.

I quickly left the next morning for Babadag, to catch dinner at Doi Iepurasi, a place where I could sleep. I want to mention that inside the restaurant is very well traditionally decorated, like one of those Alibaba caves. I met there two Old French. Many French met at the moment, it’s nice, but sometimes makes me wonder… Am I still French? Anyway pleased that passivity is combatable at any age with a touch of love for life =).

I then go to the village Cheia, and for that, get out of the E87 to go through the fine small villages. The business is risky given all the holes, so do not rely on the time Google maps gives you, it takes a little more than 2 hours, and more if you decide to extend for 11 km when you reach Gradina (the garden) to pick Cetatea Ulmetum. Do not worry, the road is great! Probably due to the stone pits. This is ultimately a ruined castle, but nevertheless widespread and where I can distinguish shapes of ancient buildings. Also enjoy the view over the valley continuing for 50 meters after the ruins, the void also has its charm.

Between Cheia and Târgusor you reach Cheile Dobrogei (Dobrogea Gorge), which is an accumulation of calcareous rocks from Jurassic and can be crossed by car. I will be surprised to find there a lot of people, most came to relax with a barbecue, exceptionally I came across a married couple who wanted a photo here, but do not worry, there is space for everyone. A forest appears in the same area, creating a contrast with the agricultural area I had met before. The shapes of the rocks suggest a dreaming state and the place is quite unusual. There would also be a cave there, but little information about its access, if it is accessible to the public.

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