Lejean-travels is a travel blog specializing in the destinations of Romania and Bulgaria, which includes articles on tourist objectives, best accommodation and best restaurants in these countries.

Who better than a specialist from Romania to prepare his trip through his articles

The articles on the travel blog deal with touristic places of Romania in particular.

The historical monuments were personally discovered, as were the natural squares.

In order to build your trip, places of Romania not to be missed are sorted by regions / counties, and come to add to that the best accommodation and restaurants. These dwellings are mainly of very high quality at all levels, authenticity being the first watchword.

For the capital Bucharest, many restaurants are repertories as well as most historical monuments, unavoidable or less tourist.

History of the Blog Lejean-travels

The blog Lejean Travels is a website created by a Frenchman, Loris Lejean.

During his travels, the idea came to share with English and French the beauties of Romania, in particular its historical monuments, its hotels, restaurants, its history, personalities and events. The goal is to promote the country by demonstrating the richness of its heritage and the beauty of its culture and the beautiful souls that live there and have the same purpose as us.

Today, there are no fewer than 200 articles that the website hosts, and in the future we plan to regroup all that Romania can offer us.

We are passionate about Romania and wish to know you, know what you are looking for and help you! Contact us!

If you too, you think that this country deserves to be known, come discover it or share our website.

I thank you,

Loris Lejean