The Saline of Slanic Prahova

slanic prahova

Romania is known for its rich deposits of salt and today in Slanic Prahova I visit the most incredible salt mine I’ve ever seen.

When I reached the entrance, I are told that the elevator that was used normally is closed to the public because of an accident that would have crashed visitors; it starts well…

I take a minibus after paying an entrance fee of 20 lei / person.

It is in this old minibus that I start my trip. Approaching the underground tunnel, the driver, experienced, did not even slow down. I think he could drive his eyes closed. Still, it’s dark down there and the downhill never seems to end.

Gradually, galleries appear and the vehicle stopped in front of a dwarf door, you will understand the metaphor after crossing it…

Because the salt mine is simply huge !!

Worthy of the dwarf city of Erebor (referring to the Lord of the Rings), you can be amazed for a while to contemplate this impressive human work.

With a total area 80,000 sqm,  the mine is 217m deep and has a height of 70m.

The pillars, if one can call them that, are geometric and offer beautiful designs and natural frescoes. The temperature here is 12 C with 50% humidity and an air rich in sodium ions.

The exhibition includes the operational vehicles in 1943, the natural treasures found during drilling, stone statues of famous personalities of Romanian history.

It’s a nice tour to take, as a family or a group, as there is space, there are children’s games, and especially no way for your children to run away ^^.

Being close to Bucharest (1:30) in the Prahova county, Slanic Prahova salt mines are a good destination for a weekend, if not for one day.

Just think about a warm jacket and find yourself amazed.

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