The Decebal face

Decebal face

The statue represents the face of the last king of Dacians Decebal, carved by the artist Florin Cotarcea in the cliffs bordering the Danube in Romania, in Mehedinti county, between Eselnita and Dubova.

The work was carried out for over 10 years, creating the highest sculpture in Europe. This is the crazy dream of Iosif Constantin Dragan, « the richest man in Romania », anti-communist and pro-nationalist, now deceased. It seems that he wanted to sculpt the face of the emperor Trajan on another bank, but after his death, his wife preferred to keep the money and not fulfill his dream.

The face is 55 meters high and 25 meters wide.

At the bottom, you can embark with Flaviu (leave a comment if you want to be in relationship with him) for a boat trip on the Danube 2 hours allowing you to get closer to the face, but also the Serbian coast, and visit caves, for only 25 lei / 2 hours (about 6 €), it’s great.

Find this experience on my article « Travel in Romania, Judet Hunedoara and Caras-Severin ». It is like we are in the movie Lord of the Rings !!

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