The Bucharest Opera

bucharest opera

The Bucharest Opera cannot compete with Opera of Paris, however, it remains as charming and a witness of this country. It will allow you to enjoy a few opera plays at a moderate price, despite the luxurious atmosphere. Art is one of the beautiful facets of Romania and tonight it makes you a demonstration.

The Bucharest opera is not far from the House of People and a small park is next to it, located in Sector 5 of the city. To get there, the best is to come by taxi, so do not waste time to find a parking place. Please understand that there is place for everyone. Otherwise, it’s the Eroilor subway station and 5-6 minutes’ walk.

The interior flaunts greatness but is still quite sober in its decorations. Marble and plaster are local and gilding cover the ceiling. A large bar is open for the breaks.

The part that interests us, the opera house, is quite large and can accommodate up to 1200 people. The scene (24/20 meters) faces first to the orchestra, below and therefore invisible to spectators standing opposite rows. The ceiling is adorned with a large chandelier. Above the scene, we see the coat of arms of Romania: an eagle holding between its beak and fangs symbolic objects. A shield representing the historical crowns of each region is placed on the chest.

Finally, the room is surrounded by loges where you can imagine, Ceausescu must have attended opera and ballet pieces.
For history lovers, the Bucharest opera owes its creation to the composer George Stephanescu, as music teacher at the National University of Music in Bucharest. It is in 1953 that the opera was built.

For my part, I went to see « La Traviata », play which lasted 3 hours.
Taking place in one of the loges, I have greatly appreciated the orchestra (very interesting by the way), but unfortunately we did not have a view of the whole scene. The price was 100 lei (€ 25), and you can choose a cheaper ticket, from 20 to 50 lei, on the opposite squares, what I recommend you, as they offer better visibility and this is what I will do next time!
That was a nice performance, recommended for art lovers.

If you want to impress your girlfriend, or want to make a nice surprise to your mother, or you do not know what to get as a birthday present for your best friend (provided one likes art and new things), if you want a nice getaway from everyday life and plunge yourself in a dream world, do not hesitate to choose an Opera experience.

Adresse : Bd Mihail Kogalniceanu, 70-72, Bucharest
Tél : +40213146980 (Book  well in advance, as tickets are sold very fast)

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