Stiol Lake, in Maramures

stiol lake

The Stiol lake is in Maramures County, at its eastern end. The National Park of Rodnei Mountains is home to a multitude of beauties:  lakes, waterfalls, mountains and wilderness. Unfortunately I have not researched it in detail, but if you need more info, but here’s the region’s website:

This is probably the most beautiful park in Romania because it is not really touristy, unlike the Prahova Valley.

Not much to say here, the images will speak for themselves. I love it when the scenery is mid plain mid-wooded short grass. The small chalets high in the mountains confirm me on my upcoming projects, maybe you would like one day to be my guest in the cottage of my dreams!

The ascent to the lake is on gentle slopes, for maximum three hours, it’s a hike that requires no real skill or equipment, up-to-hand walking shoes. At one point, you will be given a view of Borsa station down in the valley, and if you stay longer, go see the waterfall!

The path passes behind the church of Prislop pass and parking is available with a sign indicating the routes and things to see. From there, follow your instincts. There will be still some panel to guide you, but they do not seem very reliable for the distances covered.

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