Simeria park

simeria park

The Simeria park is a place where you need to go in line with all nearby places you can find in my other articles. It is located in Simeria, a small village really close to Deva in the department of Hunedoara.

This is a very large, probably the largest arboretum in Romania, 70 ha. Nature has taken control over the man presence, or rather, so to speak, she found a way to live with us. The park was created in 1700 to dress like a scarf Castle Gyulay, small building with no real importance, if not to serve as benchmark in this natural labyrinth.

The Simeria park is an arboretum without being one. There are few signs to recognize species and specialists will take pleasure to discover by themselves the different trees and plants. The garden is not a landscape splendor, it is indeed slightly fitted, otherwise some benches, water points and winding paths, but these are sometimes dead ends, it is nature that guides you here and you may find it is the disorder that proves here its charm. Explore, let the wilderness guide you and feel the power of nature!

I have stayed there for 2 hours, and to tell you, I really raked the ground to be sure I have seen everything. Methodically, I followed all the roads and I can tell you that some lead to treasures.

If you are looking for a green place, not crowded with people, a simple getaway from city life, emerge yourself in this wild park.  I can guarantee there you will find calm, serenity, a peace of mind and nevertheless, beautiful moments with the dear ones, if you choose to share. You can have a picnic, read, even work remotely (yes, sit on a bench, or bring your blanket and if you have project based or remote jobs, get your laptop, net card and work in the fresh air instead of being confined between 4 walls, at least for summer time), you can make this park a home away from home, explore it, feel it, embrace it.

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