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Lakes of Romania Saint Anne

Because in these hot days, we all dream of a big swim in the cool and natural water, a lake would be perfect. I thought of a selection of the best lakes I have seen in Romania that I present you below…

Lake Zetea

Lake Zetea is close to Izvoare village in the Judet of Harghita. It comes from a large dam, currently preserving the few houses that have been built in that area.

The scenery is nice and perhaps will you swim…

Lake Saint Ana

The lake is on the border between Judet Covasna and Harghita. It is reached by a road in poor condition near Baile Balvanyos, close to the Grand Hotel. It is taken care of and monitored by the protection authorities of the nature reserve (area NATURA 2000). It is possible to go hiking, discover a swamp that is close and a small chapel. Parking is available.

The lake is a nice relaxing place where you can swim and make a barbecue, all that close to nature, in the fresh air. There are many Romanians who go to this place during the summer.

The lake appeared on an ancient volcanic crater, which is here more than 40,000 years ago. It has a circular shape (almost), with an area of ​​20 ha and a maximum depth of 7 meters. The water is very pure, almost as pure as distilled water, thanks to a unique natural phenomenon.

The lake takes its name from an old legend about a woman, Ana, who fell into the lake after wanting to escape a forced marriage. She finally died.

Lake Cincis

Lake Cincis is located in Judet of Hunedoara, also very close to Corvin Castle. To get there, target the village Teliucu Superior. The lake is quite large, rimmed by hills and forests. It is a popular venue for summer when Romanians come here to refresh and have barbecues.

The lake is arranged accordingly; camping, hotels and resorts surround it. Swimming is allowed, you can rent pedal boats, boats … there are even jet-skis!

Continue to Dealu Mic to find a quieter place for you, the lake finally lost in a mangrove with high willows, very beautiful!

Camping Ledo, Pensiunea Belvedere (I have eaten there), Casa Alba is a part of all the pensions around the lake.

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