Preobrajenski Monastery – Bulgaria

preobrajenski monastery

The Preobrajenski monastery is a cultural work of art that one must see if passing in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Its particular style, which has many interior and exterior frescoes, is beautiful.

To go to the Preobrajenski monastery, you have to take a forest road by car and climb a gentle slope to the heights of the canyon. This road is 7 km from Veliko Tarnovo, the road linking the great medieval city to Rousse. There are brown panels on the shaft to indicate the Preobrajenski monastery.

After parking in front of the main entrance, you enter a small orthodox paradise.

Simple buildings protect the heart of the monastery and offer the monks a home. A beautiful collection of books would stand here but I have not had the pleasure of seeing it, be more enterprising than me;).

No, I spent my time discovering the church. This one comes out of the ordinary with its multiple external frescos. Here, one can appreciate a representation of the wheel of life, but there is much more, enter in the church, go around it …

The church was first established in the 14th century, but nothing to do with it, appeared in the 19th century, precisely during the year 1834.

The rock paintings come from the artist Zahari Zograf and his pupil.

Incredibly, in 1911, a rock would have fallen off the cliff, destroyed several lodges and stopped its diabolical race just in front of the church. Divine act? Who knows…

In addition to the historical monument, a beautiful view is offered to us on the canyon and opposite, you will see the Monastery of the Trinity, an opportunity for you, travelers, to discover and explore again and again …

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