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peles castle

Peles Castle is one of the most famous attractions in Romania and because it is in my opinion the most beautiful castle in the country.

Lying in Prahova County, in the beautiful town of Sinaia, the Peles castle enjoys the Bucegi mountains and beautiful landscape. Historical monument, the summer residence of the former king of Romania took advantage of fine art movements of the late 19th century, making it out of the common, out of all you will see in Romania, as if they had taken it from  a nowhere place to deposit it there at the heart of the Carpathians.

The Peles castle was built at the request of King Carol I between 1873 and 1883.

The particular style that we find here are from Germany, the German king being born. It is a neo-Renaissance style that we recognize the many sharp turns and clad facades in carved wood and delicate frescoes.

Access to Peles Castle :

There is no real difficulty accessing Peles Castle in Sinaia as having arrived, you certainly will find the indications. Please be aware that parking can be taken quickly, so I recommend you do a little walk 5 min as soon as possible. Another possibility is devious park at the monastery as a paved road passes through woods, connecting it to the castle, where exhibitors are spread multiple memories.

Out of the forest, you come face to face with the castle, a superb picture because it stands tall and no obstacle for your cache.

The entrance fee is 70 lei / 2 + picture tax (approximately 20 euros) and it is possible that you have to wait a moment, the flow of tourists being paced for a minimum of comfort. I say this because the castle is really crowded on weekends and during the summer months. This can quickly destroy all the fun and I suggest you take this into consideration.

My mother and I have really been charmed by the place. On the outside, we can only fall amazed by the beautiful details, to believe that this castle straight out of an imaginary account.

When you enter the courtyard, for example, large frescoes cover the walls, representing hunting scenes and minstrels who seem so alive, with their bright colours.

Here is the order of the rooms, following the visit:

You arrive first in the Hall of Honor which was the first piece by which official guests were welcomed.

Here you already see, the bar is very high, with many decorations of wood that are simply stunning. The glass ceiling provides great light in the room and the windows were made in Germany, by the best craftsmen.

Then comes the Armory. Fitted between 1903 and 1906, it is simply amazing, with over 4,000 pieces of European and Oriental collections. This collection has some rare coins as an executioner blade or a complete horse armor. Enough to keep you alert and amazed.

What is really amazing is the density of objects that are recognized as works of art; look at these two it. So many details, so many quality, working time … You could spend hours here if you wanted to watch carefully all these masterpieces. Still, that one is here in the personnal office of King Carol I.

The desk is also logically close to the Royal Library in the next room. This good king had a huge chance to leaf through these precious books. Also in this sumptuous decorates carved wood, imagine Carol I comfort at small floor of the room, a candle and an old book resting on his table to enjoy French stories, German or Romanian.

Then comes the music room, made at the request of Queen Elizabeth (wife of King Carol I). There are the instruments of the time; piano, violin and harp. The decor is interesting, with a beautiful painting of muses and furniture from India, hosted by the Maharajah of Kapurthala.

Then comes the great hall « Florentina ». Italian style, the room has the most beautiful ceiling of the castle, decorated with embossed and painted gold. Painted glass chandeliers, bronze statuettes, many details still enjoy more than each other.

Without really able to visit them, but simply to see them, you will enjoy the hall of mirrors, the Moorish Room and the Turkish salon. There are also other rooms, but I prefer not to dwell on that for you to discover the Peles Castle yourself.

Know that there is also the small castle Pelisor, which I did not visit, but you may be interested as well.

As you have seen, this castle is unique. The many nationalities that have influenced the history of King Carol I have all got a room dedicated to them. Thus, the Peles castle, you might say, traveled the world and it is Romania that it has chosen to settle.

I recommend this historical monument, because obviously this is a must see for Romania.

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