Pastravaria Bratioara pension

Pastravaria Bratioara pension

Pastravaria Bratioara pension is a fish farm, transformed into a hotel and restaurant to accommodate travellers who want to get lost in the forests of Arges. Very well hidden, you will need to access it through Campulung, Bughea de Sus and Albesti de Muscel, from there you follow the large signs, that will make you drive along the water  « Bratioara » and  through the forest for 1km.

Once you have passed the large wooden gate, you enter an area where relaxation is the keyword. Of course, sometimes there could be a bit of folklore music, or you might fall on noisy people, but in fact I assure you that here you will find peace. The place is huge after all, apart from the basins and the building, the property and its surroundings form a small world to discover. Nothing prevents you to leave the property, stand still beside the stream, sitting on a flat stone, listening to the songs of birds and the sound of water.

The rooms are very simple but effective. After I have returned, (I have been there 2 times) I found that the size varied, and you may have a balcony. The showers are large and there are comfortable beds.

The restaurant is really good and you should not hesitate to go there, especially if you want to try their trout, it is exquisite. You will eat simple dishes, but very well cooked, the best is when you have good weather, warm enough to sit at the terrace. Breakfast is also tasty.

Activities are also available, I have never practiced it, but here’s a list:

  • Survival Training for substantial groups, where one learns to hunt, build houses, find water and food, cross rivers … etc.
  • Team-building: Personal development, values, improving communication, conflict management
  • Fishing in ponds, feeding the trout (daily at 18:30)
  • Horse Riding
  • Traditional parties (hot wine tasting ..)
  • Hiking (2 to 8) and travel sleigh (winter)

Address: Candesti, nr 219

Tel: +40742008532


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