Pastel Chalet, love is in Romania

Pastel Chalet

I went to Pastel Chalet, a boutique villa near Brasov, at the foot of Ciucas Mountains in a natural reserve protected by NATURA 2000.

And I could have not chosen a better place for this special occasion; an offer suited to the event, peaceful isolation, comfort and high quality service and simple but gratifying activities. This experience has remained for me one of the best, and it would have pleased me to continue the dream a little more, if not for ever.

The location

To access the villa, it is quite simple. This is not too far from Bucharest, at 3 hours and a half drive, hoping there will not be too many cars on the Prahova Valley. Past the valley, you cross Brasov, and take direction Saclele, Budila, Teliu, Bradet and finally Vama Buzaului. Another route may be more interesting, I took it on the way back, go through Harman and Prejmer, two cities renowned for their fortified church. Still, these routes are superb, because along the Carpathians, they offer a splendid view of one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the country.

Many zigzag climbs and descents, but little amount of dangerous roads if you do not speed. In Vama Buzaului, you will turn right when you come across a signalling mirror attached to a cross. From this corner you will have to face a road about 6 km full of holes, as if it was bombarded, about 25 minutes’ drive at low speed, I recommend it.

Arrived !! Pastel Chalet is located on the left. If you got the idea to continue on the road, know that you can reach Brasov after many efforts, otherwise, with more effort and without car, you can aim the mountain tops. But let’s focus on Pastel Chalet. This is in small valley, circled by hills more or less high, the highest lying face our window. south side, hiding part of Mount Ciucas. This small valley consists mainly of pastures, land for the meals of the sheep, I confess not to have crossed there, but maybe you want :).

Pastel Chalet consists of 3 houses, one being the restaurant, the other 2 your future homes. These chalets respect the Bavarian-style white house with wooden beams and charming little balconies. The roof is new, we can see that Pastel is environmentally friendly as it uses solar energy. The garden in front is small and cute and you can imagine all the flowers that are born in early spring. In summary, this approach tends to show that the objectives of the pension are comfort and authenticity, but let’s see inside, starting with the restaurant ..


On the inside, the restaurant has kept the original Bavarian architecture. Beams support the roof, the wood is dark, contrasting with the whiteness of the premises. The bar is in the middle of the room, using protective wall for access to the kitchen, do not disturb the chef.  As you will appreciate the decorating theme is the flower. It is therefore normal that tablecloths, napkins and curtains are matching small delicate and inconspicuous flowers. Other flowers are still hiding in the best fabric chairs, tables and more. You may look for them, but please do not pick them, they must remain eternal. The furniture meanwhile is simple, but still fits very well with the decorative style, modern and bourgeois.

The chef has worked in several countries for 12 years at the prestigious hotel chain Hilton, his talent is certified and proved it to us this weekend. Traditional dishes of great qualities, perfect cooking, a very varied palette where the artist has found its colors. For example for the meal on Valentine’s Day, where he blended pineapple and duck.

The service was good and fast. Something good, the music fits very well to the atmosphere; classical and romantic, fine and calm.

The manager made the rounds of tables to see if all is well, and that was the case.

The rooms

Pastel Chalet has 15 rooms. They come in sizes nearly similar and the same furniture style, always on the theme of the flower, a romantic theme.

These rooms are complete. What is really significant is always this decorative style that warms us, that makes us feel good. For information, managers have turned to a designer for interior decoration. It worked well, the choice of furniture, such as colors, is consistent with this logic: quality experience close to nature with comfort.

The bed is comfortable, soft. Our room had a balcony overlooking the mountains, perfect.  No, what I want to tell you about the most is the bathroom that I love! Because despite the room is a bit small, the shower is large (open). The tile is drawn and the sink comes with a nice bouquet of flowers.

The living room

Indeed, in the two buildings full of welcome customers, you will have your small living room. One of them is obviously given to children, with a few items to fill them. The other is for adults. The living room is much quieter and you can find books (I even found in French) or play pool. The decor of my room is really friendly, the kind of room I would like to isolate myself a bit and have a good time.

What we can do ?

I went for a walk several times. I climbed the small surrounding hills, offering me a beautiful view of the valley, Mount Ciucas and nature. I were lucky because the weather was perfect, 17 ° C in the sun, gentle breezes sometimes and animals that sometimes came out of their hiding place as a nice fox. Speaking of animals, I are guilty for having spent a lot of time to cuddle and play with a group of very young puppies, but really, it’s too cute! :).

There was a walk in rustic carriage, an activity that I have preferred to avoid, because there were very noisy children. The ride lasts 1 hour, and the driver takes you deeper into the valley, a unique opportunity to see it through the eyes of the inhabitants. However, with many holes on the way, the ride can be difficult for the back.

The manager also had the kindness to take me to a large reserve of bisons in Acris (30 min by car), in this jeep, means of transport much more pleasant to take this damaged road. The reserve is far greater than that of Hateg, there are also 33 bisons and deer. The wind blows hard in the valley and it takes strong minds to take daily this wind, which can be really unpleasant after a while. But these forces of nature, these muscle masses, the wind is only felt like a caress. Bison have not approached me, but the deer :). A large deer came for caresses and posed for me :).

There are also other activities that I could not attend because the seasons, opportunities, public .. It is for example possible to go on the mountain with a local guide, which takes you in a hut shepherd to taste cheese (branza). There would also be special workshops during certain festivals; Easter for example, traditionally egg decoration. In winter it is possible to ride the sleigh in the forest.

To give you the best experience on the personality of the managers, what they do and what they want, we conducted a short interview:


Can you tell us how Pastel Chalet happen?

« My husband, on a whim, so to speak, wanted a chalet in the mountains. Through an acquaintance, we found these premises that were completed to 15%. The owner who abandoned the work, we repurchased and modified architecture. We had help from a designer for decoration, and opened only since September. »

What are your future goals of Pastel Chalet ?

« To develop, we have three key words :

Health, indeed Pastel Chalet is a way to access nature, clean air, serves to relax, to eat healthy. But going further, we would suggest yoga sessions, meditation. Another point is to offer healthy products and handicrafts; jam, cheese, meat …

Tradition, by organizing events for Romanian holidays, such as Easter, turning around decorating Easter eggs or egg hunt. We could also organize a town festival, where artisans could expose local products, where the group could  dance, sing, always respecting traditional rites. It is also thought to suggest hikes in the mountains, where a local guide can take guests to the house of the shepherd, to taste cheese.

Family, by offering activities for children, and the parents. A massage took place during the weekend and it worked well. For children, we will install a playground in the garden, or creation workshops, like painting Easter eggs. « 

What would you like for your customers?

« To offer quality service » boutique style « and activities, depending on the season and period. From April to October, we offer excursions in the mountains, cycling tours, or even thematic activities; botanical day, astronomical evening, we look through the telescope for shooting stars …

We are also open for team-building, we have already made one with our space (15 rooms). « 

Contact information :

Address: Vama Buzaului, then follow the road indicated at the beginning.

tel: 0724 210 737



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