Orlova Chuka cave – Bulgaria

orlova chuka cave

The Orlova Chuka cave is a work of nature with unique beauty. Come and discover the palace of the Mountain … in Bulgaria.

To reach it, it will take 35 minutes by car leaving from Ruse. Enjoy many other historic places near the Orlova Chuka cave. For example, the citadel of Tcherven is 18 minutes drive by car.

The Orlova Chuka cave is outside the village of Pepelina, follow the signs from there. There is adequate parking for the low density of visitors. To visit the cave, come absolutely at fixed times, otherwise you will have to wait as I did. If this is the case, go down to the viewpoint of the canyon, it’s just incredible and refreshing, as it is quite windy. There is also a refreshment bar available.

You need to have leva-cash, you cannot pay with cards, nor in euro.

The guide, if you are lucky and you are alone, speaks a little English. If not, it’s Bulgarian …

Make sure you have a warm jacket as the temperature drops drastically in Orlova Chuka cave.

I could not give you any details other than my own feelings because I had the misfortune to come across a visit in Bulgarian … but I believe that words are not the most important, it is especially what one see there ..

With colored and dim lights, one witnesses a great show where the limestone plays its greatest part, the dance of gravity. Well furnished with stalactites and stalagmites, the galleries of the mountain are vast and extended.

I understand that the total length of all these rock pipes would reach 5 km. Without having traveled all the cavities, the visit lasts even a good hour.

I think that, in a certain way, the mountain is bored of its endless passivity, its timeless beauty, and by chance today, it opens the doors of his heart, his soul kept secret …

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