Maria Castle

Maria castle

Maria castle is a good place where you can find peace, away from the noise of the city. The residence is located in the small village of Banpotoc close and yet far enough from Deva, making it pleasantly placed to choose between natural and historic places of Judet of Hunedoara.

The building has very little to do with a castle, however, one finds a tower, where I have actually slept. The interior is very nice and the atmosphere magic by the lack of light. Indefinable, this style remains very pretty; small decorative parts can be noticed during the climb to the tower, decorative objects are inserted everywhere, I dare say … a little English atmosphere, I may describe it.

The room is very charming, and you really feel on top of the tower, with all the small windows that surround the room. From up there, you have a view of the pretty garden which I will describe later. It will not be difficult to create a romantic atmosphere in this little nest. Note that the bathroom is okay, but not too spacious.

You can eat inside, but it seems to me this is a place too frequented, so, I recommend the garden which is really the highlight of the villa, if the weather is good.

On a fairly extensive ground with a garden at the back, there is a small garden with living trees and bushes on a very clean land. Arranged here and there, small tables are camouflaged behind the scenes to ensure privacy. The food is tasty, and you will really enjoy breakfast in nature.

Address: nr 20 Banpotoc, 18 km from Deva

Tel: 0040254260000 / 0040722382212


Price: 200 lei / 2 persons / night

+ 25 lei / person for breakfast.

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