La Conac, in Horezu

La Conac Horezu

La Conac, a nice pension located in the highest hills of Horezu, is the best place to find peace, comfort and a splendid landscape. In a little tourist region, in Valcea county, many places, both cultural and natural, are enjoyable.

It is situated on a small road that you must drive through the many ceramic craft shops. But past a threshold, houses disappear to make way for large green meadows.

Cows, horses, sheep, all these have found paradise. No shots, no brutality, animals know that when we call them, they must return. The rest of the day, chatter at will.

In the middle of nothing, the Conac offers a beautiful view, distant and deep, enjoying the forests that form dense stacks on either side of the hills.

On the outside, you will enjoy a beautiful garden full of colorful flowers. Everything is clean, well maintained, and the drainage side, many seats waiting for a moment of solitude, meditation, facing the beauty of the world.

The Conac is large and beautiful. This has many balconies on the most interesting sides that have the view. I have taken advantage of a sunny morning to relax on the seats available to us. Heated by the sun, I listened to the sounds of the world, almost inaudible.

The guest house has 4 bedrooms, from which an apartment. The room itself is not too spacious, just right. I obviously found a flat screen, but for me, avid readers,I loved a good book on this cosy bed.

Well lit, the room offers a simple and beautiful decoration, furnished in dark wood. The dominant colors are white, brown and pink, a true romantic nest.

The bathroom is very well equipped; vanity, towel and shower (narrow but of quality).

The decor is vintage, which adds to the charm of Conac. Beautiful wooden padded seats invite to chat, paintings representing the city of Horezu are wisely arranged on the wall. You will find that some paintings are sewn and not painted, hard work I have no doubt, but very beautiful.

On the ground floor, the small kitchen will be your place in the morning to have breakfast. But you may as well stop there to have tea, eat traditional homemade cakes, or a glass of Tuica, a traditional distilled alcohol made from plums. All these are offered.

For our part, I had breakfast on the terrace, enjoying the gentle morning birdsong to wake us up. Pure pleasure without constraints.


I recommend this address to those who love comfort and especially to those who are willing to pay the price to see something unique.

This address is not recommended for families with children in the sense that it does not seem possible to come in numbers. So be happy, dear couples, because no one will disturb your privacy here! 

Contact information for La Conac

Address: Strada Olari nr 193, Horezu, Valcea Judet.

Tel: 0723647071/0350883364.


Price: 250 lei / room / night (62.5euros) (breakfast included)

350 lei / apartment / night (almost 90euros)

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