Karishma restaurant

Karishma restaurant

Karishma restaurant offers Indian specialties and it is located in sector 2 of Bucharest.

In order to get there, I took the subway to get to the station and Obor market, having arrived in around 6 minutes.
-You can use the bus N108, N113.
-Or, if you prefer the tram: 21, 14, 40 or 56.

 The service of Karishma restaurant is very good, the waiter comes often and asks if everything goes well. Feel free to ask questions on the level of (pepper), which is also specified in the menu, provided you understand English or Romanian. Guests can choose to eat either in the beautifully decorated dining room or on the terrace, very appreciated in summer time.

 You can choose from many dishes, for the connoisseurs of this cuisine, you will definitely find your favorite ones. For those who do not know yet, almost all dishes are served with rice, seasoned with different spices, different vegetables. Vegetarians will find their choices, and fans of meat, you’ll find lamb and chicken. Ask for advice from the waiter on what to choose to be sure to leave the restaurant with a full picture of what is eaten in India.

You will forget you are in Romania as the decor is exotic: colors, paintings, objects, flavors. And vines here and there, as if I were in the jungle.

I recommend Karishma restaurant either for business lunches/dinners, for romantic dates, or even for a casual get together with friends. The atmosphere is peaceful, you can hear each other talk, you can enjoy a fine experience, with good cuisine, great service and nice area. I may add, very easy to find a parking place on the street.

Address: Strada Iancu Capitanu, Sector 2, Bucharest.
Phone: 0212525157
Price: 120 lei / 2 people
Hours: 8 am to 22:30

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