Journey to Comana, in the Judet Giurgiu


Comana is one of the easiest destinations to visit due to its proximity to Bucharest. Located in Judet Giurgiu, the village offers accommodation, activities and cultural visit in the same time.

The trip was done during the weekend of January 30, 2016, with two friends.

It is easy to arrive in this very quiet village, south of Bucharest, 45 minutes to 1 hour of travel.

The area is not amazing in terms of landscape; everything is flat, I find thick forest, but mainly there are agricultural lands and factories out of use.

Nevertheless, Comana changes everything! Because it has a small delta with beautiful bodies of water, reeds and  typical middle birds (coots, moorhens, herons …). It also has a small forest area of ​​pine and other trees.

I had been here during last the summer, so I’ll share with you my 2 experiences.

First, the adventure park Comana, because your children will be delighted! In the pines, I mentioned in the beginning, is a large climbing tree in 6 difficulty ways that will allow you to spend pleasant moments with family or couple. I know that there is always a childish part of us, let it express itself. I tried the long Tyrolienne passing over the lake and it was beautiful. There are also other activities; climbing, archery (for less acrobats) and boat ride. Check for more information.

Walking routes are also a great pleasure for those who wish to use the trip to breathe the pure air of Comana. Finally, you will find, after crossing the bridge, a horse road to take on a horse-drawn carriage, and a kiosk with exquisite ice, surrounded by a small botanical garden.

But in winter, nothing of all this … In the quiet and cold, everything is transformed into a uniformity of white, magical. We can have a beautiful walk, I went during the night, on the deck of a thousand locks. Lighted lamps, spectral atmosphere, silence … no sound to hear, otherwise the cracking of the ice, the last cry of pain as the water becomes still…

We stayed at Casa Comana. This house is probably the best accommodation in Comana. It offers direct access to the lake, good service, a particular furniture style, a good restaurant, a spa, a terrace, in short, it has everything! You can even stay in dwellings spread in the park.

The pension is one of the Romanian houses with indefinite style. Warm and comfortable, many details, dark wooden elements that show the wild side, a maximum of items to make your life easier, like an electronic wax shoe!

You are greeted at the entrance by lovely clean leather sofas and … a parrot! ^^ « Ce faci acolo! », « Hello! « are chanted loudly with the rest of incomprehensible sounds to be forgiven.

Our little room is quite cute; bouquets of flowers painted everywhere, a small and cozy bed and a balcony from which one perceives the monastery. Small negative thing, the narrow shower. Small positive thing, a stack of books I discovered that the monastery is fortified and has to be visited!

The SPA, located on the 3rd floor, in fact combines a gym with bike and treadmill room, Jacuzzi and sauna. I had the pleasure to use it undisturbed, which is a real treat. It would nevertheless become annoying if others came as the room is small. One good thing was to get out on the balcony to enjoy the view of the frozen lake after a sauna. It is a pleasure to refresh this way and with this view!

The restaurant is a very good space decorated with many details. There is a stand showing off the wines available, a bit like going to the market to make your selection. The food is diverse and some of them are particularly good. Personally, I tasted the Hungarian goulash. For some dishes, it is a bit expensive I must say.

You will also have access to a terrace under a veranda with beautiful views of the lake.

Breakfast is a buffet of average size but adequate. It is included in the price.

Address: Gelu Naum, 607 Comana

Phone: 0246283269


Price: 200 lei / 2 people (50 €)

Finally, after leaving, we visited the monastery of Comana:

This one is very beautiful, now in total renovation. It is located at the lake, at the entrance of the city. It is fortified, full of history …

It was founded in 1461 by Vlad Tepes, the alleged « Dracula », who fortified it. It was located on an « island », which does not exist anymore. Over the centuries, it has been constantly improved by some celebrities Radu Serban (Prince of Wallachia 17th century) and Serban Cantacuzino (Wallachian prince of the end of 17th century).

Today it is a great beauty hermitage where Orthodox priests live their faith and appreciate the natural beauty that God gave them. So I went on Sunday, the Mass was in progress; religious procession and singing, but mostly, no photos of the interior. You can still go and take a glance :).

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