Horezu Monastery

Horezu monastery

As part of the UNESCO list, it have been founded in 1690 by Prince Constantin Brancoveanu, the Horezu monastery is a masterpiece of style « Brancoveanu », remarkable for the purity and balance of its architecture, the richness of sculpted elements and its painted decorations. The mural school and Horezu icon was famous throughout the Balkan region in the 18th century. It take place in the Valcea county.

 For your information, Constantin is the son of a marriage between Craiovescu and Cantacuzino families. He was Prince of Wallachia between the late 17th and early 18 century. He will be beheaded in Constantinople by the Turks (his former allies) after an unclear past betrayals from the Austrians and Russians

The monastery is beautifully maintained, and if I were reincarnated, I would be one of the roses in the garden, full of color, or  a small wind, just to caress the freshly cut grass beds, just for smell  and the sweetness that emanates from it.

 There is something special … in those places. Whether in flowering nature, the purity of the walls in bright white, regular features of the architecture or the pious silence of the places. I lost myself like a small children in the back of the building. In the orchard, I crunched unique flavored apples, picked plums directly from small trees in a deforested area … The taste of life!

 You may find accommodation there, but I have little information about it. The products of the monastery (honey, syrup ..) can be bought.

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