Honor Villa

honor villa

Honor Villa is located in the small village of Izvoare, amid the forested hills of Judet Harghita.

This place hides in secret a rare activity in Romania, and the owner of the complex has imposed his « hunter » style.

It is for me my secret place, my favorite place, that I share with you today.

The Honor Villa is located outside the village. Incidentally, the town is made of clusters of properties, very charming, composed of small chalets. This contrasts greatly with poverty of the surrounding villages. To access the « main » road, you have to climb a short laborious path (obviously drive) and reach the large wooden gate …

… Because the property is well protected, it creates a feeling of isolation and security. It descends at the base of a slope down to the bottom of the small valley where the village is located. This therefore offers an interesting view of the spruce forests facing us. The garden is large, consisting of front door parking and a lower terrace which houses two wood stoves. Certainly a place for summer barbecue.

The interior is really showing the house of a hunter. I mean, modern and wealthy hunter. The furniture is of quality and the wood makes it all getting old, which adds to the charm.

The Honor Villa has two floors to accommodate you with a multitude of rooms of various sizes, depending on whether you are 1, 2 or 10 people! These are cosy with a continuation of the style that goes so well to it. There are showers in the bathroom.

For activities, I advise you to discover them in my previous article. Know that you can do horse riding inexpensively, and incredibly, with very cute Icelandic horses! The ridings are in the forest and are THE thing to do provided that the weather is good.

The owner of Honor Villa has, by the way, a natural park with an impressive surface (greater than 400 ha) and hides deers and perhaps other mammals.

Like other activities, the owner offers guided nature walks to observe the bears on the prowl, hunt or you can taste venison…

Indeed, the villa also invites you to eat meats and meat from the hunt; deer, roe deer, wild boar and even bears sausage! The dishes are very good, not artistic, but rather made to devour them. A taste of happiness!

A good place for those who want to get closer to nature and comfort, well knows among the Magyars. This is our address number 1!

Address: 101 / B, Izvoare, Harghita, 537363

Tel: + 40756094251

@: Activity@elkfarm.ro


Price: 35 € / 1 person / night

€ 50/2 persons / night

Breakfast included

Allow 20 to 30 € / meal / 2personnes. (to check)

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