Enisala citadel

Enisala citadel

Also called The Fortress Heracleea, Enisala citadel offers a marvelous sight  upon Lake Razim in Judet Tulcea.

This is fortunately one of the few strongholds in the region still standing.

To access it, go to Enisala towards Salcioara on the 222 road, then take a gravel road on the left, normally the citadel is signalized. You will arrive at a parking lot and then you must continue on a long driveway.

The Enisala citadel is up on a hill and offers a lovely view of the lake and the valley. You will probably see flocks of sheep and other walking paths, an opportunity to retire in peace and maybe meditate to the sound of the wind, if you can find good support to stand, as the wind is extremely powerful here.

The entrance fee is 5 lei. The citadel is composed of a tower guard and a large walled enclosure, but there’s really nothing to see inside. There is no information either on the origin or the history of the monument, but I did some research…

It was built by Byzantine imperial power in the late thirteenth century and then included in the Romanian defense, only to be requisitioned by the garrison of the Ottoman Empire. The citadel was so desired because it offered a point of defense and surveillance of the waters of Lake Razim.

If you are looking for a lovely place to see the sunset, or a place to just sit in silence, provided no other people are around, a place to explore and make your imagination alive, check out this fortress, who stands as still as ever in the sun and wind, under clouds and thunderstorms, a silent witness of the time passing.

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