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GUXT Bistro, in Bucharest

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GUXT Bistro offers visually interesting quality meals with accompanying wine and beer. This small cozy restaurant is located in sector 2 of Bucharest. You can get there by taking the metro to the subway station Universitate, but walking to the place will be long (around 15 minutes).
By  bus : 311, N102, 70, 90
By  tramway : 14, 40, 56 (Stop Bd Pache Protopopescu, at Carrefour).



I noticed that the service is good. In a friendly tone, the manager of the bistro will advise you at its best as he is francophone. The gentleman is open for discussion, so you can learn a little more about him, as he will probably want to learn more about you. He knows how to judge if you are there to socialize or to have a romantic dinner.



You will find peace here, provided you will find other quiet guests. The music is soft and the location of the bistro allows you to keep away from the fuss of the city.



The decor is simple, you will find yourself in a small room with modern furnishings. The walls let out, at some part, their red amber bricks.



The dishes served at GUXT Bistro have no other purpose than to inspire you. They are influenced by Mediterranean and Asian culture. Nevertheless, it goes well for me beyond that. The biggest influence is that of the client.
Quality is at the rendezvous ; the presentation is fine and tries to charm you. There is pretty much chance that you will find the dress that suits best to your dish; brown or blonde like beer taste, deep red, yellow or pink like wine taste. You choose, otherwise your master tailor could advise you.



So this is a good place for a romantic dinner, as well as a meal among friends.



Tasting events take place quite frequently, you can see updates on the website.


Address : Strada Dimitrie Racovita, nr 37, S2, Bucharest
Tel : 0721490270
@ :
Price : 150 lei/2 persons
Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 17h to 22h


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