Emen Canyon, Bulgaria

Emen Canyon

Emen Canyon is a natural and unique work that offers a nice walk to the edges of rocky precipices, enjoying cave, waterfall and river preserved by human hands, but not by his impressionable eyes.

The village of Emen is located 20 km west of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria and offers the opportunity to get out of historical trips for something more airy, calmer.

The small trail to the parking is hard to find. From Vishovgrad, it starts on the left just before entering the village of Emen. 

The ascent to the heights of the canyon is through a large grove of beech trees that are difficult to wriggle on ground too limestone for them. However, this phenomenon has a very charming spectacle where white rocks and silver gray trunks blend with elegance.

That’s it, you’re on top? I had not lied? What a beautiful view…

Continue on the small path along the cliff and enjoy this legendary landscape … Sometimes in the shade, sometimes in the sun, enjoy the benefits of a small nature walk. Above all, do not try the old wooden bridges, which are certainly not secure.

By continuing, you will appreciate that water has built after centuries of incessant work. This will give you maybe the idea to swim, but pay attention, not measured movement can be fatal.

You may run wild species of the canyon, with some raptors and reptiles protected by this beautiful natural area…


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