Devetashka cave, Bulgaria

devetashka cave

Devetashka cave is the most beautiful you will see in your life!

This fantastic natural work is situated in the middle of nowhere, in the countryside of Lovech county.

In a peculiar landscape of Northern Bulgaria I have travelled roads sometimes long and arid across fields, sometimes shady winding when I went down in the canyons that the earth has opened for us, to make us admire closely.

Once arrived at the village of Devetaki follow the signs to find the cave that is less than 10 min away. There will be lots of cars in the parking and although the road may seem long during this aridity, rest assured, you’ll soon be in cold air. (entrance fee is 2.5 leva / person or about 1.25 euro).

You will not expect, even having read this article, to see such a cave.

Reaching 50m height in some places, the cave Devetashka  seems  unreal. The most beautiful in all this are the cavities of the rocky ceiling that let in the sun, and therefore a part of life, inside this cave. The macroclimate produced by the sun and water enables plants to thrive. And who says plant richness means animal evolution. Thus, there are also colonies of swallows, who hunt ardently with imperial acrobatics and call their shrieks echoing in this strange rock fortress …

More than 50 rare and protected animal species are here, including amphibians and reptiles. But hidden in the bushes, I have not had the chance to see them.

As you progress in depth, darkness deepens. This is the area of ​​bats, you see them crowded into holes in the rock ceiling. Do not provoke them, there would be no less than 30,000 bats in the cave.

The cave was also a refuge, not for giants such as one might think, but for our prehistoric ancestors and then by the Romans, which we still find traces, buildings…

I recommend you to see the Devetashka cave on your trip and have a moment of happiness and gratitude for what nature offers us…


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