Deva citadel

Deva citadel

Dava means « city » in Dacia, and despite the unlikely link with the ancient Dacian, it should be noted that Deva citadel is on an Oppidum (Roman public shelter using natural defences reinforced by the collective).

The citadel remains calm on top of a volcanic hill at over 371 meters, keeping a protected nature reserve of the specific flora and especially a type of little known viper, the horned viper.

This has not always been peaceful, it has long been disputed, since the great Tatar invasion of 1241 to the wars between Turkish and Austrian in the seventeenth century.

It often changed owners; Romanian, Austrian, Hungarian, finally today Romanian. During the revolution of 1848 – 1849 between Romanian and Austrian, it exploded under fire from Austrian cannons, which will affect the ammunition depot.

Today the citadel is under restoration, and it is going well. The work, practiced in ancient ways, even gives a character to the citadel, making it seem alive. The view offers a sight over Deva and small surrounding mountains. All is not yet available, but it is not just the building that matters, is the time to contemplate this vast landscape without words to say, immersed in the shifting wind that caresses the skin.

To reach the top, an ascent in an elevator is needed, beware of dizziness!!

It takes place in Hunedoara county.

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