Delta Hotel of Tulcea

delta hotel

The Delta Hotel is located in the city of Tulcea, the largest city in the Danube Delta border.

It is therefore quite plausible that you pass through this city to discover this natural treasure and what better place to choose if not this hotel? You may say « many, Loris, you made many articles on other places. » I would answer yes, but let me tell you about the advantages of this place.

The first advantage is that the city offers opportunities that you would not have in many small villages; supermarkets, many restaurants, I also suggest you the pleasure of a short walk along the river and the harbor. I must admit that I will not find many arguments, preferring more natural places, but others will.

The second is for me the service. The Delta hotel has been here a long time, it has adapted to the will of the customer, whether for professionals, families or couples who want romance or for foreigners. I do not want to waste time to enumerate all the hotel has to offer, you will find everything on their site, available in 6 languages, including French.

Conference or party rooms, restaurant, SPA, everything, but everything is there! The rooms are equipped, otherwise please use the intercom. They all offer views of the harbor of Tulcea and a large part of them have balconies. You will have the choice of dimensions, determined by the number of beds, the size of the room … The furniture is solid wood, the colors are soothing, it does not try to dazzle you with the modern, rather to let you go back in a retro style. The floor is covered with carpet.

The restaurant is located in an annex of the Delta hotel. I will not dwell on the subject, but I noticed that the service is good, you can end up on the balcony to eat (harbor view) and the food is substantial, especially for all which comes from the sea, try for example the fish soup, traditional in this region.

The third benefit in the end it is to go in the Danube Delta through 3 boats owned by the hotel. I’ve never done this activity, so I can’t give you a comparison or too much information. Just know that the trip costs 40 euros / person for 6 hours and includes a meal of fish. This happens only from March to October. You will go to Nebunu lake, so deep enough into the delta, it is certain that you will see many things. Do some research before arriving at the hotel to be sure that this is possible.

Address: Strada Isaccei nr 2, Tulcea

Tel: +40240514720 / +40240514721

@: or

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