The Cula of Maldaresti

Cula of Maldaresti

The Cula of Maldaresti is a type of semi-fortified building inhabited by the ruling class Boyard (aristocrat living in the non-Greek Orthodox countries of Eastern Europe), and built to defend the province of Muntenia against the Ottoman invaders. It take place in the Valcea county.

Cula of Maldaresti, Greceanu

Although the final origin of this building is still quite vague, some hints reflect the Brancoveanu style (see article on the Horezu monastery). You enter a simple garden with a large massive wooden door and you find yourself in front of this square building, with white walls pierced with holes who have the objective to let the weapons fire.

Inside, you can see several rooms where carved wooden furniture is preserved beautifully, in high details. There are also old clothes and paintings of Maldarescu family. A small wooden staircase is used to reach the floor.

Cula of Maldaresti, Maldarescu

It is a fortified mansion, protected by a wall, and here, the garden, filled with flowers, is much more beautiful.

Built in 1812 by Gheorghe Maldarescu, foundations are scaffolded by a set of pillars and solid wood beams. In the halls of the first floor, there is a large collection of wood stove. An exhibition is also significant, having antique objects.

I had the chance to have a guided tour in Romanian, but it is not always the case. It was forbidden to take photos of the interior.

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