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The Cincsor Guesthouse, in a small Saxon village in Transylvania in Romania today has a story to tell us. The links, whether familial, cultural, romantic or traditional, are difficult if not impossible to untie. Time has always caught up with us and Cincsor, he managed to catch up with the doom of a small Saxon school metamorphosing.  in the lovely Cincsor guesthouse. In the immutable silence of the night in a small village of Saxon origin, in a cozy armchair and comforted by the warmth of the wood stove crackling, I tell you my story…

History of Cincsor guesthouse:

Carmen and her husband have an interesting and beautiful story and if they do not tell you when you stay in the guest house, I’m honored to do it.

Carmen lived in Cincsor during her childhood; she is part of the Saxon community who fled Romania after World War II to join Germany. It is when the takeover of the communists took place on 6 March 1945, the Saxon Romania were simply expelled from the country or decided to leave voluntarily to West Germany.

Carmen therefore spent a long part of her life in Germany, but fate was to bring her back to its origins, since for business reasons, she returned to Romania and her childhood village. She was attached to it with all his heart, and when the school was to be purchased by a farmer to park farming machines, Carmen and her husband decided to buy the building.

No real plan, the school was renovated and the idea of ​​creating a guesthouse was coming step by step. TheCincsor guesthouse opened to the public not a long time ago. There are still things to be achieved, but with this passion, this love that Mr. and Mrs. Schuster have for the village’s history, and more generally for the Saxon community in Romania, we can expect great things.

The location of Cincsor guesthouse:

Cincsor is a Transylvanian village that borders, so to say, the north side of the Carpathians. We can therefore easily leave fascinated by the mountain ranges sleeping in front of us. As part of the Brasov department, but fairly close to that of Sibiu will offer two paths from Bucharest. The first, which is the best choice if you leave extremely early, is to go through the Prahova Valley. The second choice, which adds more distance, nevertheless offers no surprises concerning heavy traffic. This is the one I took, 5 hours of beautiful roads through the Valley of Olt.

The region is mixed between farmland and forests, between hills and plateaus. This is the region of fortified churches and Cincsor probably has the most beautiful. You can, if you wish, make a hunt for churches, that’s what I did a moment ago that, through Cincu and Dealu Frumos to Biertan.

The destinations to see around Cincsor guesthouse:

The citadel of Fagaras (15min)

The Cistercian church Carta (30min)

The fortified church from Biertan (1h)

The fortified church of Viscri (1:15)

The citadel of Rupea (1:15)

The Cincsor guesthouse is ideally located in the village, just in front of the fortified church. It is therefore very easy to go out after your meal for a small tour of the historic monument.


Cincsor guesthouse is divided into two separate buildings. Between these two monuments, the small main street of the village is the limit. You almost never see a car, otherwise carts filled with hay or wood.

The old school, now renovated, was built in 1921 by a strange German architect, Fritz Balthes. Strange, because passionate of contemporary architecture, he wanted to build in a little-known architectural style Art Nouveau. We know that the gentleman has struggled to realize his works with the Evangelical Saxon communities because of the style that changed completely. Facing the small and musty as everyone knew, Mr Balthes offered spacious rooms with large windows, making the space brighter. Unfortunately, the argument of the Saxons was that this caused great cost for heating. The school Cincsor is one of the few legacies that our architect could let us appreciate, and Mr. and Mrs. Schuster have passionately falling in love for it …

The old parish house, which was also renovated at the same time as the school, is much older and has a much richer history. It was certainly built before the 1600s, but I did not like too much details about it. Today, little is known about the history of the monks and priests who lived here. It is said that the couple would have kept some documents about them. Still, that can be found beautiful frescoes in one of the rooms of the monument, a refined work that adds a lot of strangeness instead. The garden is large and a vegetable garden is grown right in front of your room, it is pleasant to walk in the morning.


  • Bedroom

I had the pleasure of sleeping in a standard room in the old parish. What charms in the style of the room is that the bed is on the floor, in what one might call the attic, but I appreciate it as a true love nest. The bed is very comfortable. On the ground floor, we have everything you need; a small place with seating where you can enjoy reading a book sunlight passing through the large entry from your bedroom windows. Finally, a simple bath or shower, spacious enough, allows two people to hold without making them feel compressed. Vanity and hair dryer provided

Unfortunately I did not discover the other rooms. You still find them on the website of Cincsor guesthouse. The majority of the other rooms are a rank or two above the one I had. I recommend the rooms of the old school for comfort and the ability to directly access the restaurant, something that can be appreciated if it rains. For the most open to discoveries, Room 2 of the former parish retains frescoes that can be very interesting. Personally, I would choose this room next time!

  • Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the old school. In fact, this part did not exist when the couple renovated the house, but they managed to preserve the essence as I had not even paid attention before going out to see outside. Large enough, it can easily accommodate 30 people. On our arrival, the tables were divided to accommodate a group of 10 individuals, couples for a charming dinner in one-on-one and small groups. With an old piano that was quietly seated in the back of the room waiting to find someone brave enough to come wake him, tables and wooden chairs, the atmosphere is full of authenticity and beauty.

The restoration is made by a chef of Fagaras. They do not cook “A la carte » here, and for my part, I find it very good. Thus, the chef expresses what he knows best and I promise you, the result is incomparable to a fried steak. The meal consists of an entry (soup, salad  …) of a main menu (meat, fish  …) and a dessert (Papanasi, plum oven …). Served in beautiful settings, it is also nice to see the owners come to check that all is well and talk to you a little. It’s a family atmosphere that nevertheless respects the privacy.

  • Library

The library is THE part that each of you will appreciate in his way! Very comfortable couches that form a belt around the wood stove provides a place for a friendly hand, but especially warm for a moment of reading. Although most books are old and in German, there are also good recent books in English or Romanian. Personally, I immersed myself in books describing the best accommodations and restaurants in Romania …

What is special in this room is its size and impressive details, we could spend hours just looking, exploring, traveling … We have more large windows, offering a very good lighting, but especially the view on the fortified church of Cincsor, which is nice.

The fortified church of Cincsor :

Late Gothic style, the church is dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. It was built in several stages, starting with the church itself, whose work began in 1421, and in half of the fifteenth century, the fortification that appears to fight the Turkish and Tatar invaders.

It has been well renovated and with a mere 5 lei / person, you will discover a special and happy time. A small garden is maintained there and flowerbeds sprout everywhere.

Conclusion :

Cincsor guesthouse is a wonderful address of Transylvania. Located in a particular context, built in authentic history, inhabited by friendly hosts and full of kindness, you will live a special moment but also enjoy the calm it offers and also its location amidst many monuments to see. I regret that I stayed only a night and hope to return later for a good moment to remember.

Contact information :

Address: Cincsor, Str. Principală nr. 212-213, Brasov department, 50726

tel: 0743.474.013 / 0744.373.090


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