Casa cu Zorele Guesthouse, traditional farms

Casa cu Zorele Guesthouse

Casa cu Zorele guesthouse is a wonderful farmhouse traditionally preserved. It can be found in a small village of Transylvania, in the Brasov county, Crit. Here the brave struggle to preserve the foundations for life without waste to retain the flavor of Mother Nature products, maintain what the old people knew and young people should not forget.

I tell you this as a story as straight out of a novel by Youozas Baltouchis, as I met a Youza in Crit.

The village has remained almost intact, otherwise the few cars that jolt and make noise with their metal carcass are here. Without concrete road, pathways take on the appearance of valleys where children frolic and play without barriers, without dangers, with ease.

« But they do not go to school? my mother asked. « This is their school! Here is a real community where everyone knows each other, exchange. Here one enjoys the simple, here we are not afraid to get dirty feet, to show the neighbour how to have fun, get out of the city to explore nature here, there is simplicity.

Arriving in the village, we sought the pension. Here billboards do not exist, but when you ask a young where Casa cu Zorele Guesthouse is,  for 1 Ron (after « heavy negotiations between men ») he informs us, it is 10 meters in front. No worries for parking, there is a lot of space.

The house is large, very large, you can think she is so fortified so his hut is impressive. Painted beige, beautiful paintings color the window frames. Knocking at large wooden door, which should open on a garden of Eden as I look, a little lady with a smiling face arrives to greet us. She starts in Romanian, passes to English and ends in a good French, that will please my mother a lot.

I was not mistaken, this is where I had to come, and the courtyard is like the picture, perfect.

The floor is paved with old, smooth stones in disorder where the blades of grass have a place to gather the sunlight. The greenery is everywhere; flowers, shrubs, lilacs and dandelions, all adding their touch of color on a table worthy of Monet. This garden is surrounded by little houses.

Basically, a large man who worked rushes towards us, with a smiling face, to greet us with a French « all moving » his wife labels it, with a mischievous smile.

Without much ado, he leads us to our room, as the bad weather arrives, responsible for water that all plants are waiting so impatiently. We pass a small covered terrace where a wisteria seems to have found happy perch and where it should be good to sit always.  He opens the room we enter, but it is not a room that awaits us, it is one of those old black and white pic that gradually takes color and light, it is perfect !

Vast, multitudes of objects are struggling to catch our eye. To my right, I have a traditional wood stove and rare contrary to what one might think (here there are in every room). Basically, I have a massive double bed, a small shelf and a sofa bed, all painted. Trinkets are staged, posed, suspended and placed throughout, each telling something, each holding a memory, an energy of the past, a function. To my left, finally, a bathroom that will be our little « comfort » because it is completely modern and of quality.

What’s more, a nice wooden floor covered by traditional carpets, double windows backgrounds, fragile but well-oiled, beautiful, where one feels that the working hands of owners wanted to keep with love the maximum heritage of the house.

After being established, we decided to go out for the light has shown and with it the opportunity to go see the fortified church. But when we did, an old man accosts us and he kindly offers to take us to his other creation, at the other end of the village, opportunity we could not refuse, « With pleasure! « .

We cross the village in good company and the gentleman is very friendly and very quickly breaks down social barriers that all good French, as we, can have.

He tells the story of his treasures, dating in part from the 18th century, the little things that seem so simple orally, but had so much labor and pleasure during their restoration; beams, beds, windows, everything is great.

Mr Ghita is a passionate of the past. He wants to keep it, he wants to share it, he wants to show everyone, if not to himself, nothing is lost and nothing must be lost. His ideals hide a more subtle and philosophical reflection, but the simple words are the strongest to express what he has in his heart.

After 10 minutes, we arrive at the second building, in the central avenue of the city. On the addictive blue sky, one enters this time through a small door and it is still a time on a treasure that one opens.

A beautiful courtyard where 4 rooms, paved with trees and a back garden open. The rooms are all as beautiful as each other, the gentleman has much to be proud of. We learn how he thought, how he did, what were the difficulties, this is a true story to discover.

Then we go for a little adventure, just me and mom, on a small road recommended by Mr. Ghita.

Along the forest and plain, we see a beautiful German cemetery. The deceased have the chance to rest in peace here.

Overlooking their town and the valley they can eternally contemplate the beauty. Some tombs date from the 19th century. Quick question, why many of them are crowned with a tree, much like a weeping willow?

From up there, the view is compelling and we discover that the village draws a disc that embraces a hill, the logic being, if I’m not mistaken, that each ranch can have its piece of land in backyard. Each house takes shape by lateral housing bordering the courtyard and completed by a barn in the background. I find it superb to see these beautiful buildings still preserved.

To descend, we borrowed a road located opposite the cemetery and walked through a poorer area, where pigs and chickens are clustered in wooden cages.

Finally we find the fortified church. It is renovated and has a lot of class, unfortunately we cannot enter it.  The stones dating back to 1270 were found inside, but the current church was built in the early 19th century. It suffered some damage in the 20th, but all this incredible past has disappeared after the restoration.

Pleased after a great experience, we were glad we got home, it was dinner time.

The living room is really beautiful. The very pretty decoration sprinkles walls the memories of all kinds, the furniture is dark wood, there is the wood stove and especially a traditional sofa that does not fail to surprise me, as it is strange. The beams crisscross the ceiling and the sight of this very traditional decoration, one can only lick their fingers for food that will make its debut.

After we got settled, Mr. Ghita, with a mischievous smile on his lips, serves us a glass of « Tuica » which is none other than the traditional alcohol of Romania. Made from plum, the drink is to be taken in moderation. It tickles your throat and warms the soul.

Appetizer is served with a good wine home, « Feteasca neagra ». This is an eggplant salad combined with meat and assorted with a honey sauce and tomato. Delicious ! But things are still coming.

The main course is … wow! … Incredible, and Mrs. Ghita knows it. This is a paprika chicken, where marine meat tenderly in a cinnamon sauce with porcini mushrooms. My mother literally fell in love, so did I.

Finally, dessert pancakes with fresh cheese decorated with homemade jam. Succulent.

It is a meal  for kings that our hosts offer, everything is really perfect. They will talk to us in each of their parts, they are really nice persons and cooked, one feels, with great love …

The night was really enjoyable. Heated stove, I and my mother did not have to complain about the cold and in early morning, the stove was still warm.

We went in the room to take our breakfast, everything was ready.

In a cute set of table, painted ceramics, strawberry jams were waiting, blackberries and currants, butter, yogurt house, garden vegetables and shepherd cheese. You will understand, quality and tasty. Even honey was extremely good, and it was the one that Prince Charles of England had it  delivered to his home, perhaps the best in the world!

Then we had: cereal, tea, coffee, and a very good omelette.

I can tell you that this meal was fully savored and it’s an unforgettable memory we will keep forever, and a promise to return one day, I am sure.

Having a little message for you readers, I really wanted to mark the fact that this address is magical. Of course, some will say it’s old and not on their taste, of course some will say that there are few around and these would be wrong. It is precisely here that you discover the best beauty of this country, because outside of beautiful monuments history has to offer, the people offer the best memories of the past and the enthusiasts of the authenticity spread the truth.

Contact information of Casa cu Zorele Guesthouse:

Address: nr 189, Crit, 507 035, Brasov county

tel: +40744687557


Price: 440 lei (€ 110) / 2personnes, breakfast and dinner included

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