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terrace Cantacuzino castle

The Cantacuzino Castle is the site of a former hunting lodge, which existed since the 18th century, and served as stopover for the Cantacuzino family, some of whom were Caimacan of Wallachia ( dignitary of the province to serve the Ottoman empire).

The castle was finally built in 1911 for Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, Prime Minister of Romania between 1899-1900 and 1904-1907. The reception room has a large collection of coats of arms and arms, the rest of the decorations makes a romantic atmosphere, by stained glass, painted ceilings and massive wooden furniture.

The castle has Neo-Romanian style, a an architectural style that Romania has tamed; facades are made of carved stones, in quadrilateral shape. The whole area has more than 970 ha, consisting mainly of forests.

Being situated in Busteni city, it enjoys the same panorama, the Bucegi Mountains, except that here, you will be protected from the noise of the cars that pass often on the main avenue towards Brasov.

You can attend guided tours:

From Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 17:15 every hour.

Address: Strada Zamorei

Contact in advance for a French tour.

Tel: +40722960606 or +40244320520


Price: 25 to 30 lei / person adult (30 for a tour also including the exhibition « Color of Life)

+ Photo tax

+ 5 lei parking fee

Cantacuisine, restaurant :

Either you are inside the castle, surrounded by old decorations or on the terrace, in harmony with the landscape and the sound of wind in the leaves, you will enjoy this experience.

Waiters welcome you class and elegance, it is a great service and also the cooking is INCREDIBLE, and this is what we can expect of the chef Romica Harabagiu, with the experience which says a lot about its cuisine; experience of Asian cuisine, 7 years of experience in France and knowledge of traditional Romanian cuisine after serving in a 5 star restaurant in Constanta. Presentation, impeccable selection of flavours, variety of dishes, which shows the art of the chef.

Open Monday to Sunday, from 11:00 to 23:00

Tel: +40737299464

@: (very good site and RO ENG)

The menu is not yet available on the site, but you can expect it to amount to more than 200 lei for two persons.

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