Brandeberg pension, in Bran

Brandeberg pension

The Brandeberg pension, of Austrian style happens to be positioned excellently in Bran, in Judet of Brasov. Thus, it is possible you find yourself in a nice accommodation between two visits because the area is full of details of the history of Transylvania.

The building is situated less than 1 km from Bran Castle. Easily spotted, from the outside, it looks like a large chalet half wood, half white, modern and solid.

Your visit puts you in direct contact with the particular Bavarian style. This is done by the family who runs the villa. The children, after being many times for ski in Austria, convinced parents to build the pension. The architects have fully customized the premises; wood beams, embroidery, delicate paintings of flowers and birds and light wood furniture which seems to be spruce. The atmosphere is angelic.

The room is really charming, decorated in a modern way. The bed is cosy, the shower is spacious and you also have a balcony. Light shades soothe and lights dimmed by the embroidered fabric make the atmosphere relaxing.

The restaurant is very well decorated. A large bar, heavy wooden tables and chairs and the Austrian radio covers discussions of diners in an incomprehensible language.

The meals are not expensive, there are some traditional Austrian dishes, but the major part of dishes is Romanian.

You can also enjoy some type of bears of the country.

I recommend this address for any occasion.

Address: Strada Iancu Gontea, nr 189, Bran-Simon, 507028.

Tel: (+40) 752799399 / (+40) 368730329


Price: Restaurant: 80 lei / 2 people

Room: 190 lei / night / double room (more expensive in July and August, 230 lei)

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