Bison Reserve

bison reserve

Bison reserve is located in Hateg, in Hunedoara county. This is not the only one in the country, I also discovered one in Vama Buzaului in Brasov county. They aim to reintroduce the European bison in semi-liberty in Romania. One day perhaps it will be completely free, as is the case in Germany.

The species no longer exists in the wild after the first world war, and it was reintroduced gradually since 1950.

Be carreful, we are talking about the largest land mammal in Europe, weighing up to 800 kg and a height of 1.80 m max! The species was extensively hunted. It is wonderful to admire this animal, I only knew from the stories from North America. The animal can live 15 to 20 years and only eats plants. Here, they are fed on corn or hay. The species lives in family herd led by a female. The bison prefer to live in the forest, but some related species may also prefer the plain.

The entrance fee is 5 lei, the reserve is located on the E79 between Plopi and Hateg. For Vama Buzaului, talk to the manager of Chalet Pastel;).

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