Bears of Zarnesti

Sanctuary bears of Zarnesti

The bears of Zarnesti are in a haven of peace where brown bears, but also other species such as wolves, have found refuge in the Judet of Brasov.

Indeed, you must know that Romania has the most number of brown bears in Europe. The authorities refer to 5000 animals listed on this land, but there would be in fact only 3000.

In the story, the bear has always been hunted. At the time of Ceausescu, he reserved almost exclusively to hunt the beast. His list of conquests is excessively large, more than 300 animals. Some sources, now the bear is still hunted because some of them would be « dangerous » too close to the cities. Trade in this hunt would bring large sums and remains nebulous.

Where the association intervenes is saving the sequestered bears without care in cages, bears to make a show in circuses or even the street. This practice is normally prohibited but it remains difficult to manage.

Today, one can still count 10 bears held in captivity, but the sanctuary is fortunate to have saved more than 70. These are in spacious enclosures on more than 27 hectares.

Unfortunately, some of them will never find complete freedom as they have been traumatized by their experiences. They do not know, for the most part, to feed themselves. Some others are so affected that they tirelessly repeat the circuit they followed in their cage for lack of space.

The tour costs 40 lei for adults and lasts approximately 1 hour. It starts by watching a short film recounting the history of the park and its guests.

Then we cross the property to see the different bears. Maybe you will also see wolves. The visit is with a guide that adapts very well to Romanian-speaking and questions. She will inform you about all you want, she knows the subject very well. So I found this information not to cross the path of a bear in the wild, make the most noise, do not leave food in the tent and the fire is also a great way to scare them.

Come at 11am, this is the time when bears are fed, and they come out of hiding.

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