Balvanyos Hotel

Balvanyos hotel

Balvanyos hotel, located in one of the many forest areas in Romania, in Covasna department, is offering many activities, both by its own as also things to see and do around the hotel.

The area is known for its healing thermal baths and you will find your own happiness in Baile Balvanyos. You’ll find various caves that contain sulphide, check if it is possible to enter it!

Finally, you can walk everywhere, and why not climb to 1029 meters, to find the ruins of the citadel of Balvanyos, dating back 700 years ago.

I have little information which is updated with Lake Saint Ana, and I plan to update this article with activities to do in the area. About the Balvanyos hotel, I assure you, it is very nice and you have plenty of activities to choose from: restaurant, a new SPA, a tree climbing adventure park, fitness room, off-road 4 × 4, sports facilities (football, basketball, table tennis, billiards, climbing, archery) there is even a farm animal!

The rooms are really nice, on grey tones and have a modern style, you will find a way to access the comfort where everything around us is natural. It is nice to take a bath, but the best is still the view of the forest. I was at the top of the building, I had time to rest a while on the balcony, laying on chairs listening to the sound of wind in millions of leaves that bathe in a colorless immaterial substance. And listen to the sound of swallows, working hard to survive by hunting insects. This is the image of our civilization, continuous survivor being the nature.

On the ground floor, you will first be impressed by the size and height of the rooms. Secondly, by the multitude of little things that decorate these rooms: traditional wooden objects, paintings and frescoes. And finally, by the bar which has a nice display of a large variety of alcohol. The room for breakfast is at the bottom right on the way. I had a diverse and comprehensive buffet.

Address: DJ113, 527160 Turia, Romania

Tel: +402673600700

@: Send an e-mail directly from the website (RO, EN)

Price: from 59 to 65 euros / night / 2 people (not including breakfast)

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