Astra Museum, of Sibiu

astra museum

The Astra Museum is by far the most beautiful open-air museum in Romania. 10 minutes drives from Sibiu, there are beautiful traditional houses that hide in the forest. This destination is for you, if it is either to educate yourself or to take advantage of the fresh air.

When my mother came in Romania, we seized the opportunity to visit the museum.

This is open daily from 10am to 18pm. You will need to pay in average 10 lei / person to enter. Please note, dogs are not allowed.

On a circuit mainly in concrete, you can jump in natural forest corridors. Unlike the Bucharest Village Museum, Astra museum covers a vast area of ​​96 ha. It is possible for you to find accommodation and catering. In addition, some events take place, but I have not had the opportunity to attend.

The houses are placed everywhere; be it in the forest, plain or at the lake.

With an impressive diversity, houses trace through the centuries and regions the traditional Romanian architecture, proudly exhibiting the cultural beauty of this country. The Romanian craft is omnipresent, whether for woodworking, using natural materials; ceramics or painting, there is no denying of the real talent of the Romanian craftsmanship.

Enjoy the deep turquoise of Dobrogea, beautifully laid wooden tiles, thatched roofs, walls of wallow…

We find houses but also wooden churches of Maramures, water mills, wind mills…

Everything is quiet here and the information panels are rapidly becoming redundant in front of the many details of the landscape. If not for the wind, hymns caress your senses. If not for the warm sun, the coolness of the lake creates a soft atmosphere, an atmosphere of relaxation.

The visit lasts at least 2 hours, but I would not be surprised that some of you spend the day. Personally, I recommend the museum to those who have spent the day visiting the city of Sibiu, just to retreat a little bit from the bustle of cities.

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