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arizto villa

« At that time, I am convinced, Sinaia was probably the most beautiful mountain village of Europe« , these are the words of Arizto Villa ’s owner, beautiful building built in 1929 in the bourgeois districts of Sinaia, on the mountainside.

Now restored by the grandson, Mr Bogdan Horezeanu, the Villa invites you to spend a nice time in a majestic city in the company of an attentive host, in a sumptuous villa.


Sinaia saw his first day with the building of a monastery in a natural area still uninhabited.

It’s Mihai Cantacuzino, commander of the Romanian army in the seventeenth century, who had arranged the building of the monastery. The idea came to him after his many pilgrimages and the name is inspired from Mount Sinai the monastery being built in 1695.

From there, the colony will grow gradually. At the end of the nineteenth century, it is through the building of the Bucharest-Brasov road (1847), followed by the building of the railway (1879) that a first wave of immigrants will find its home.

But it is especially when King Carol I decided to build in Sinaia his summer residence, the Peles Castle, in the late nineteenth century, that he bourgeois Villas appear. Indeed, how could the king govern without his counselors by his side.

Sinaia quickly became a city renowned for its beauty and its social environment. Many celebrities and prominent businessmen will come to live here, enjoying this wonderful environment and quality people.

It is at this moment in history that Villa Arizto find its place. The grandfather of the owner was a businessman educated in Berlin. He built his holiday villa respecting the particular style of the time (1929) that give the monument a look of small castle.

Unfortunately, the arrival of Communism broke the affairs of the family and the party would nationalize the entire house and its property, thus losing the family heritage of great sentimental value.

After that, no one sets foot in the Villa for over 50 years, Mr Horezeanu will find it in an obsolete state.

Mr Bogdan Horezeanu, has worked for 21 years in Denmark and 2 years in France, in the computing field.

Back in Romania, he will return to his ancestral home, and work towards its renovation, a heavy investment of energy and money.

Villa Arizto has opened recently, inviting you to a high quality experience,  with a mixture of past and modernity…


Sinaia is situated on the road  to Brasov, just 2 hours from Bucharest. It’s in the middle of the Carpathians in the Prahova Valley, that is smouldering and renames the beautiful city. Leaving the main road, you drive on the slope of Bucegi until, in addition to the Villa Arizto, you can have a beautiful view of the whole city. Hidden among the trees, the place is very peaceful and you will enjoy here the humming birds and not the noise of cars.

Villa dominates the view, placed on top of a hill, and parking spaces are at its base.

The Villa is very well situated, because many places, historical and natural, are nearby: the Peles Castle, the house  of the musician George Enescu, but also the nearby cable cars that take you to the summit of Mount Bucegi, where we find the very famous Sphinxul and Babele.

On the outside

On the outside, the Villa Arizto reminds me of the Pelisor castle. The shape of the tower, topped with a triangular roof maintains the style.

I see, even without an expert’s eye, that the house is renovated. Blazing new, its whiteness strikes the eye without harming, on the contrary … Solid, it is here and there embellished with some majestic reliefs, covering the windows of the main entrance.

On a heavy stone support, the house stands tall, elegantly, and if it is not his headgear, a brand new roof, which makes her so proud, this must be the green environment surrounding that gives the impression of breathing freshness. Indeed, climbing plants lie under the sun on certain sides of the villa and the surrounding beautiful trees and shrubs are adding to the beauty of the place.


Pass the door, it opens onto a lovely renovated living room which nevertheless retains memories of the past. The entrances of the rooms surround the living, so that guests find themselves at one time or another in this room, and that is the « secret » goal of our host.

Indeed, it would make the Villa Arizto a place of socialization for expats. Feeling himself an expat now, after living 20 years in Denmark, he appreciates a conversation full of discoveries that two people of different nationalities can share.

Also these living rooms, because it is the same principle on the floor, give a social dimension to the Villa, where the expats can exchange, share and communicate in the heat of the wood stove, the sweetness of drinks, comfortably installed in the seats that lie in the living. These traditional stoves belonged to his grandfather, and Mr Horezeanu has brought them back to life, with a noble purpose. Enjoy the beautiful parquet covering your steps, all is taking you back to a good time and if I am not able to travel in time, it is time that my host was able to bring to me.

The rooms

Villa Arizto offers 5 double rooms and two apartments, one bedroom, the other two bedrooms.

These rooms are quite spacious and offer modern and quality furniture.

Couples will be delighted to enjoy a rather romantic style with bright colors in some rooms and always very comfortable beds.

Most of them offer an amazing view on the neighborhood and very beautiful mountains

All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV and a stocked minibar.

As for the bathroom, it is modern and well equipped.

The rooms, but I could apply this remark to the whole house, are very luminous and the many windows open onto green notes that delight me. We find small plants everywhere and it adds to that calm, peaceful atmosphere.

The dining room and breakfast

The dining room is in the basement. Medium in size and gives it the opportunity to make small conferences, meetings, or otherwise, to have the desired privacy for a romantic meal. This room allows us to connect. Moreover, the owner specially selected tables that can be joined at will, and beautiful banquets could take place here, for 15 people. Decoration, paintings were arranged, one that belonged to the grandfather: a girl watching with envy some fruits on a table.

The room is, as always, very bright, which I mention with pleasure to the owner.

The breakfast is complete, adequate and tasty. You have the right to coffee, tea, and even a natural fruit juice. It serves a vegetable platter, cold cuts and vegetables, German sausages (crenvursti) and omelettes served in a strange way, but that does not alter the taste.


If I had to sum up the experience I have had at Villa Arizto I would say that during this short weekend, I felt like a little bourgeois of the early twentieth century. I could frolic in the many streets of Sinaia, watching all the mansions. I could walk through the beautiful gardens of the Grand Casino, enjoying beautiful buildings. Finally, I returned in the evening to my beautiful home, enjoying the taste of good things and my host service. Especially with him, I was able to exchange interesting stories and ideas of great values. Yes, this destination is authentic and yes, I will return.

Contact information

Address: Strada Theodor Aman nr 3, Sinaia, Judet of Prahova.

Tel: (+4) 0774643878



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