Argamum citadel

Argamum citadel

The Argamum citadel  is an ancient Greek city located on Cape Dolosman, very close to the city of Jurilovca in Tulcea.

To get there, you must take a non-concrete path along the lake Golovita and its reeds. I advise you to stop where small dwellings are located and where there is still place to continue on foot (the right way). You will notice that the road is not great for the car. Having arrived in front of Lake Razim, you will appreciate the people who fish; laying relaxed on the grounds, fresh wind that whips their face with a mixture of tenderness and savagery. The views of the coast where the fortress stands, as one can imagine in its heyday, makes an awesome picture!

Climbing the winding road, you will be captivated by the grandeur of the world, and you can see the plain and the lake to the horizon.

The fortress is vast, but now only ruins can be seen, making a maze of low walls the wind seems to have softened its forms. Only the bravest dare to walk along the coast to experience the power of the wind.

But the Argamum citadel has not always been so. According to the oldest documents, the fortress was an ancient Greek city, probably founded in the VII BC. Its history is rather obscure, but we know that it was taken over by the Roman Empire because there is a mixture of Greek and Roman buildings. It was then taken over by Christians who fortified it between the V – VI AD. Eventually it was depopulated after the barbarian invasions and the silting of the harbour, crumbling into ruins.

A perfect place to have a picnic, to stand by the lake, to watch a beautiful sunset and emerge yourself in a travel time journey, letting your exploring side take over the mundane life, Argamum ruins welcome you with old time stories.

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